Electric Mountain Bikes (E-MTB)

A mountain bike (MTB,ATB) is a bicycle designed for off-road cycling. They include features such as high ground clearance, a wide range of gears, front and/or rear suspension, powerful disc brakes and wide knobbly tires. Mountain bikes are probably one of the most popular types of electric bikes with most manufacturers producing a number of different models  of E bikes.

Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes are a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike and can be used both on and off road on less demanding trails. They make great commuter bikes and are also often used for touring. Hybrids usually have flat handlebars similar to those found on mountain bikes. Most hybrids have lugs to fit mudguards and pannier racks.

As they make excellent commuting bikes, manufacturers have been quick to develop and produce electric versions on hybrid bikes.

Touring Bikes
A touring bicycle is designed for just that, bicycle touring. Generally these are heavy duty bikes designed to be comfortable for longer rides and to take luggage. They may have a longer wheelbase to avoid pedaling interfering with panniers.

Road Bikes
A road bike is generally used to describe bicycles designed for speed. Lightweight frames, lightweight thin wheels (23-25mm), high gearing and dropped handlebars. Frames are made from carbon fibre or aluminium for lightness. High end road bikes may even feature electronic gear changing.

The choice of electric road bikes is more limited than E-MTB’s. They tend to work differently to E-MTB’s in that they offer electric assistance to the rider over a certain speed so allowing older or less fit riders the ability to keep up on club rides etc.

Commuter Bikes
Commuter bikes are used for getting around town, to and from work or just recreational cycling. Often hybrids are used as commuter bikes due to their comfortable riding position and ability to cope with varying road surfaces. Often folding bikes are used as commuter bikes. Commuter bikes were one of the first types of bikes to be converted to electric assistance with a number of manufacturers selling electric folding bikes.

Specialised Bikes
These include Cyclo cross / gravel bikes, downhill bikes, fat bikes, fixed gear bikes, time trials bikes, cargo bikes, tandems, BMX bikes etc.