E-Scooters, A Quick Guide To Buying

E-Scooters, A Quick Guide To Buying One

Quality of ride
Ride quality of some e-scooters can be awful and cannot be ridden for more than 1 mile even on a good surface. These e-scooters may look attractive on sales web pages. Lots of people stop riding them because they are simply bone shakers.

Power & hill climbing
Most budget electric scooters start at 250 watts for a top speed of 15 mph, but these will not be able to climb many hills and will struggle to reach top speed if you weigh more than 80 kg.

Maximum Load
E-scooters designed for Europe generally have a maximum load of 100 kg. People who weigh over 100 kg ride these scooters every day. However, be aware this will invalidate your warranty and and may introduce safety problems. If you’re riding an e-scooter that isn’t suitable for your weight it’s likely your performance will be compromised as well as your safety. This way will mean you will probably not reach top speed and struggle with hills.

Most electric scooters have a range of 15 to 20 miles. With some, 20 to 30 miles is achievable and some expensive models can run to 40 or 50 miles. Longer range requires bigger batteries, consider too as it will make the e-scooter heavier and raise the buying cost.

Electric scooters are generally a new product. Choose the large manufacturers. Some electric scooter manufacturers have had up to 30% with faults. There are a many cheap e-scooters being imported from China. They look good, but lack quality and can be unsafe.
Fakes are difficult to spot when buying online, but quality tends to be poor. Only buy from trusted UK suppliers using UK brands.

How much are they?
Generally, adult e-scooters fall into three categories: budget e-scooters, premium e-scooters and high-performance e-scooters. These types range from around £300 up to £1,500. There will always be variation between models but quality improves with price. In terms of performance, you get what you pay for.

E-Scooters, A Quick Guide To Buying

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