Trek Verve + 2 Lowstep 2020 Electric Hybrid Bikevitus mach ebikeA hybrid bike is a mix of a road going bike and a mountain bike. Hybrid bikes can be used off road on gentle trails and also on road. The versatility of the hybrid means they are often used for commuting and touring. They generally have flat handlebars making them easier to handle in traffic. Brakes are usually conventional v brakes or disk brakes (hydraulic or mechanical).

The gearing on Hybrids has more similarities with mountain bikes than road bikes. They usually have triple chainsets and wide range of gearing on the rear cassette. Some hybrid bikes may possess low maintenance hub gearing. Unlike the larger wheel sizes found on mountain bikes, at present hybrids generally use 26″ rims.

Other features found on hybrid bikes include eyelets and lugs allowing the fitting of panniers, mudguards and various other accessories. Some hybrids may also have suspension on the front forks.

Due to the versatile nature of hybrids manufacturers have been quick to release electric versions of hybrids with most of the main manufacturers including Trek, Giant, Raleigh and Cube selling E-Hybrids.