Leopard smart bicycle protection

Leopard smart bicycle protection launch Lync crowdfunding campaign

For 2 years now Leopard have been working in conjunction with cyclists and leading bicycle manufacturers in Europe to develop a smart, anti-theft alarm, this being a connected cycle alarm with movement sensors, instant alerts, theft mapping and GPS tracking.

The Leopard Smart Bicycle Protection has a 109 dB alarm that triggers if the integrated motion sensors detects authorised movement. Designed to put off bicycle thieves at the onset. Also the Lync will also send an instant alert to your phone via the Lync app.

The Lync has an 4G / 2G eSim to guarantee connection anywhere in the UK and Europe and with Bluetooth auto lock you can walk away from your cycle and will automatically activate.

With the app, bikers can check their location for recent bike thefts and theft hot spot areas as well as set up a geofence around your bike.

The Lync is designed to fit all kinds of bicycles and attaches under your bottle cage and weatherproof up to IP67. With standard use the battery will last up to 4 weeks on a single charge.

Leopard has also joined with cycle insurer Bikmo, offering bike and accessory manufactures a range of insurance solutions to meet the cyclists needs.

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