Swissstop Flash Evo Black Prince Carbon Rim Brake Pads

The Swissstop Flash Evo Carbon Rim Brake Pads are designed for carbon rims and give top power, control, braking modulation. It features the Black Prince compound meaning braking distances are considerably reduced nomatter what the conditions.

The Black Prince Compound provides excellent modulation, cooler temperatures together with superb wet weather braking performance.

Main Features:
For Shimano and SRAM brake shoes only
Excellent performance on dry rims and superior performance on wet
No abrasive materials which may damage your rims
Consistent braking,-20C to +40C
Silent operation
Two pairs of brake pads

Product Data
Brake Type: V-Brake
Commuter: Yes
Touring: Yes
Cyclocross: Yes
Time Trial: Yes
Road: Yes