Bike Shortages

If you have been trying to buy a bike over the last 9 months or so you will know how difficult it is to actually find one. During the first lockdown in March 2020 the UK went bike mad. The U.K.’s Bicycle Association reported that bike sales increased by a whopping 63%  during Lockdown. This was due to the government more actively promoting cycling, the introduction of more cycle lanes and people simply wanting to get out for exercise during lockdown as gyms were closed.

This was reflected throughout much of the Western world. France saw online bike sales rise by 350%. Bike shops sold out of turbo trainers, bikes, bike components and now, 9 months on , the situation isnt much different. A recent trip to a large Decathlon store revealed empty aisles which normally would have dozens of bikes. Same with bike components such as pedals. Industry experts have warned that the bike and part shortage may well extend into 2020 but why is this ?

Firstly the huge demand for bike unexpected, most bike retailers quickly sold out of stock as lockdowns were implemented. Bicycle components are mainly produced in the far east and these countries were the first ones to experience the effects of the pandemic, factories were closed or short staffed due to illness which in turn led to supply issues. There were also reports of material shortages.

Whilst many factories are now back up to full capacity other issues are continuing to cause issues. We are currently experiencing a global shipping crisis. Logistic firms are reporting a shortage of empty containers ready to be filled in Chinese ports due to repositioning issues and a reduction in the number of ships sailing.