BMWs EBike and Scooter for City Cruising

BMWs New EBike and Scooter for City Cruising Emission Free.

We all know about the prestige of BMW cars and their electric ones but it’s now focusing on electric bicycles and electric scooters. BMW have just showcased two new ebikes shortly after they revealed its CE-04 scooter.

BMWs EBike and Scooter for City Cruising, the first electric bike is a three-wheel bike they have called the Dynamic Cargo. As its name suggests, it’s for to carry the shopping, luggage, kids with a cargo platform at the back.

BMWs aim was to develop a cycle that keeps the agility and feel of a normal cycle while adding new, safe transport options.

To reach that level, the three wheeler has a large single front wheel with a pair of pivoting rear axles that allow it to corner superbly. The electric drivetrain automatically activates with a push of the pedal to drive the two back wheels which are fitted with a rigid axle. Your cargo will stay firm and stable even during the hardest ride.

The Clever Commute electric scooter was designed for the professional person wanting to make the daily commuting somewhat more eco-friendly. It boasts zero-emissions and folds up neatly and will even fit in the boot of a Mini car, as per BMW. It could be held without any discomfort under if travelling on public transport or stored under your work desk.

The scooter has a hub-mounted motor in the front wheel and so will help you get up ramps with minimal effort say BMW.

BMW have not provided details as to the power or range for either, allthough it says the electric mileage could be scaled with regard to the respective application. BMW also say that the battery pack on each can be removed and stored and charged at home.

BMW are not going to produce the models at this stage but it is in talks with possible licencees to get them manufactured and onto our roads.

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