Britain’s first cycling safe junction is officially open.

This major junction keeps riders separated from traffic, so making it safe to turn in any direction.

British cyclists have more cause for optimism this week, as the UKs first cycling safe four-way junction has  opened.

The ‘Cycle Optimised Protected Signals’, or CYCLOPS, junction in Manchester is the first of its kind here in the UK, keeping cycles segregated from traffic and making turning safer.

Manchester City Council  opened the junction, which sits on the Royce Road in Hulme, on July 6 and the idea has been welcomed by Chris Boardman.

The opening of the junction comes as a council in Wales introduced its own UK-first cycling safety measure, installing road signs that remind drivers of the safe over-taking distance.

Boardman,  now Manchester’s cycling and walking commissioner, said: “Crossing busy junctions on foot or by bike can be complicated and scary at times and is often a barrier for people travelling by foot or cycle, and having to navigate a number of these can make them choose their car.

“This junction design will make journeys easier & smoother for those doing their bit by cycling or walking, without impacting negatively on any other modes. The design is simply genius and I’m not surprised to see other places already adopting the idea.”

Cyclists approach the junction and are led into a roundabout-style cycle track which runs around the outside of the roads.

The CYCLOPS junction is part of the £13.4 million Manchester to Chorlton cycling and walking route, which leads into Manchester city centre.