Christini’s Fat E-5, Conquer the Winter With an All-Wheel-Drive Electric Bike

2wd bikes are back with a new twist on their AWD fat bike. Chirstini have taken its all-terrain fat bike to new levels by adding a motor.

The motor system used for this snow crunching fat bike is the Bafang Ultra Drive 1500w, a motor with a claimed 160-Nm or torque and with some tuning can be taken to a max of 2000W. That’s more than the trail legal e-MTB’s we see in the UK and even more than a Fiat 500.

Even with all that power though, the Christini is still a conventional electric Bike that needs the rider to pedal the bike with the motor adding assistance rather than using a throttle.

Christini can build this machine with an optional carbon fork and with a suspension fork for those times when the 5in wide VeeTire Snow Shoe 2XL tyres does not provide enough damping.

The build for the model listed online comes with all the same components you would find on a regular 1 wheel drive bike, from the 11 speed SRAM drivetrain and Level disc brakes to the Raceface/Ergon cockpit.

This new AWD Fatbike needed a new and improved name and what else could Christini call its latest creation than the Abominable.

If you were living in an area with large snowfall and needed the Abominable AWD to take to the trails on then it will cost you $6295, and keep in mind that this Bafang powered e-MTB weighs a stunning 68 LBS.