Decathlon ELOPS 500 E Step Over Classic Electric Bike – 2020

The ELOPS Elops 500 E Step Over Classic Electric Bike – 2020 is a city bike / commuting bike sold by Decathlon. The 250 watt rear hub motor and 221wAH battery gives a range of up to 45km which the LCD controller provides the rider with 3 modes and a walk function. Built in lights, mudguards and a rear rack make this an ideal city bike.

RRP : £699.99

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250 watts brushless motor, mounted on the rear wheel. Motor torque: 26 Nm.
24 volt/8.8 Ah (221 Wh) battery, 2.1 kg, 2-year warranty (from 350 to 500 charge cycles to 100%) equipped with Samsung batteries.
LCD controller provides 3 modes + a “walking” mode to help push the bike when walking.
Range is between 30 and 45 km depending on your weight, use, incline, air temperature, and assistance mode.

“The steel frame is lowered so making it easier to get on and off. Built out of steel for a very durable bike and fewer vibrations.

To limit vibrations, on rough streets, the bike is equipped with a curved steel fork.

The bike is equipped with a Shimano 6-speed derailleur with grip shifters. Single chainwheel guard crankset makes changing speeds easier.

This bike is fitted with aluminium V-brakes with interchangeable pads. The life span of the brake pads accounts for the weight and speed of an electric bike. In poor conditions such as rain, carrying loads etc. their life span is 400 km.

For more enjoyable rides, we chose a steel seat post and a comfy saddle.

“Your bike is equipped with 28-inch, double-walled tyres with 36 spokes for improved durability.
And for greater comfort, we chose wide tyres.”

“Make your urban rides enjoyable: Your bike is equipped with a built-in pannier rack with an attachment system for self-locking panniers, mudguards, a housing, a strong aluminium stand specially designed to hold the weight of an electric bike, and a bell.
And of course, your bike comes with a charger.”

“10 lux LED light on the frame lets you see 30 m ahead and be seen from 150m behind. The lighting controls are on the handlebar.
And the power? It is supplied by a battery.”

25.65 kg


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