Electric Bike or Electric Scooter For Your Needs

Electric Bike or Electric Scooter, Which One For You?

Which form of electric powered vehicle would suit you and your environment, electric bike or electric scooter?
ebikes and escooters both have their pros and cons.

If you are in a congested urban area another form of simpler transport could be the answer.Who wants to spend hours stuck
in traffic and adding to pollution. People are turning to other mobility means like e-bikes and electric
scooters as their first choice. Choosing one option or the other could be difficult to make so here are some pointers.

Electric bikes have a seat so that is more comfy than standing on an – escooter. However, many e-scooters are now available
with a seat or saddle so perhaps this is not an issue any more.

E-Bikes will give you more of a workout as they have pedals so if you want to be fitter or stay fitter then
consider this as e-scooters are fully self powered.

Electric bikes could be your choice if you consider the following points.
Usually more expensive.


Can be weighty if you need to lift them several times a day.

More complex in build so repair costs have to be considered.

Can be used in cities, on long distance roads, off road, tracks etc.

Much larger than electric scooters except if you consider a folding one.

No need for a license!


These could be just up your street if you consider the following.

Very reasonable prices.

Lightweight compared to ebikes.

Small costs to keep them running.

Very suitable for urban environments.

Easily portable, pop in a car, store in the office etc.

License free, and also no inspection and no registration.