Electric Bike With Solar Panels: Is This The Future

Electric Bike With Solar Panels.

A lot of people associate proper sustainable and green transport with reliable methods of travelling from A to B: by horse, foot, or bicycle. In recent years, some new means of transport were added to this list – including the electric bikes of Elon Musk’s Tesla.

Electric Bike On Solar
What do you get when you cross the  two-wheeler with a Tesla? Danish engineer Jesper Frausig thought hard before coming up with the Solar Bike: an electric bike that runs entirely on renewable solar power. Using the power of the sun, it will take its rider wherever he wants using the  allure of a bike – but without the heavy pedalling.

Can you charge an electric bike with a solar panel?
The solar panels are fixed on both sides of the bike or wheels, so that it can capture solar energy. When plugged in, the bike can  charge fully in two hours. This gives it a range of about 100 km (62 miles) in pedal assist mode.
While it is designed to resemble a regular bike as closely as possible, the electric bike on solar has specially made wheels, fitted with very efficient photovoltaic cells – so solar panels attached to the wheels. The energy that it generates is directly transmitted to the battery when the ebike is stationary. Hence, the Solar Bike does not require any additional, long-waiting charging time, as it will automatically start charging when in parked mode.

While in motion, this stored energy is used to power the motor. And those who worry that it might not suffice will be surprised to learn that speeds range from 25 km/hour to 50 km/hour. Depending on the net sunshine, the solar cells might provide sufficient power to have the bike run for anywhere between 2 km and 25 km per day.