Fulcrum releases the new Racing 3 DB wheelset

Fulcrum releases the new Racing 3 DB – their most versatile wheelset to date

Fulcrum’s newest addition of its Racing family is an extension of its  wide selection of disc brake specific wheel sets. The latest 1660g Fulcrum Racing 3 DB is possibly their most versatile  to date

The Fulcrum Racing 3 DB can be used for  road racing, it is also great for road endurance and gravel surfaces. Fulcrum say performance doesn’t always require rigidity and a more comfortable and compliant wheel-set translates to more comfortable riding. The Racing 3 DB’s build lets it to be 25% more comfy than the pure road racing specific Racing Zero for example.

The 19mm rim design made from  T6 grade aluminium features larger channel of the 2 Way Fit ™ rim, which allows for increased tire sizes. In addition this provides  the possibility of running either clincher or tubeless tires (allowing for lower pressures), accepting tires ranging from 23mm up to  42mm.

Fulcrum’s Two to One ™ spoke ratio ensures that what is essentially an asymmetric structures perform in a symmetric and therefore efficient manner. Double the spokes located on the side of highest torque application effectively functions as a brace against torsion and allows power transfer to translate into forward motion.

To ensure that none of its performance attributes are wasted via friction the Racing 3 DB incorporates the micro-adjustment preload system on its cup and cone bearings. A technology that filters down from professional road racing wheels, this system allows  riders to fine tune the movement of the wheels with the use of only an allen key.

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