Glasgow City Councils New Network Plan

Glasgow City Council unveil active travel network plan

Glasgow City Councils New Network Plan. Glasgow City Council have unveiled plans to build a city-wide network of active travel infrastructure for all regions of Glasgow.

As part of a new idea to promote travel, an additional 270 km of top quality cycle-ways and better foot ways along Glasgow’s main roads.

A Councillor City Convener for Sustainability and Carbon Reduction commented that safety is the top reason for Glaswegians being put off from using active travel especially cycling. The current network is expanding and the Spaces for People project helped show the need for change. By bringing in a network of cycle lanes and relative foot-ways that goes into every small part of Glasgow we will increase significantly the possibilities for active travel to be the peoples choice for daily travel.

The population of Glasgow is continuing to increase and is obviously creating many more journeys into and around the city. To avoid increasing traffic levels, Glasgow authorities consider air pollution and road safety for the future by providing other methods for people to travel about the city.

With an active travel network very accessible to every house and school in the city they can start to solve a situation that has half of the vehicle journeys in Glasgow travelling less than 3 km. By reducing reliance on private vehicles in Glasgow they can start to reduce the carbon impact.

The plan is intended to sit beside the council’s recent Livable Neighborhood’s Plan, which also looks to reduce dependency on cars. It also provides a focal point on training and education in their schools and also looking to target groups that are under-represented or disengaged from walking or cycling.

An estimate shows that the network could cost around £470m and work to engage with the Scottish Government has begun on access financial support.

The active travel strategy was presented in a document to the Environment, Carbon Reduction and Sustainability Policy Development Committee. This strategy will be the subject of a public consultation in mid-October.

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