Hubless eBikes, Is This The Way In The Future?

Hubless eBikes, Is This The Way In The Future For Electric Bikes?

Is this hubless e-bike the future? Reevo has storage inside its wheels and ‘impenetrable’ theft protection.

“Spokes are so last year”, say Beno Technologies of their  very unique-looking creation called Reevo, which has been the result of four years of research and development, prototyping and testing before finalising the finished product. Aimed at the urban cyclist, Reevo has hubless, spokeless wheels, a beam-style frame and one-sided fork, and can even be unlocked and locked with your fingertips.

The Reevo’s radical design has autonomous lighting, a one-sided fork, retractable kickstand and touchscreen , with full production not now far way.

While it’s always a tad risky to describe anything as impenetrable to thieves, Beno say the fingerprint technology to lock and unlock the bike together with the integrated, automatic lock housed inside the frame to protect it from bolt cropper attacks should make Reevo almost thief proof.  If any thief wants to have a go then you can take advantage of the bike’s integrated GPS with motion detection, letting you set a custom geofencing radius and know where your bike is by checking the Reevo app.  Didn’t we say – it has an app.