More People In Wales Would Cycle With More Safer Streets

More people in Wales would cycle if there more safer streets for safer cycling.

Recent research has found out that 24% more people in Wales would cycle more often with safer and user-friendly cycling conditions.

A Cycling UK spokesperson in Wales, implied that one in five people would drive less. However, previous surveys have often shown that many people will not cycle because of safety reasons.

Cycling UK are saying that politicians should give the people of Wales what they want and need. Cycling UK is not saying ban driving, but are saying that people should be able to choose cheap and free alternative ways of travel.

Researchers indicate that 54% of people would be more likely to make walking trips with more user friendly streets.

Among those aged 16 to 24 there was an even greater possibility to cycle or walk more if the streets were safer, a third indicating they would cycle more (37%) and drive less frequently (31%) and three quarters (74%) saying they would walk more.

With local elections in May, Cycling UK will now pressurise political parties to give people cheaper and safer transport possibilities. Suggestions to Councillors are:

That cycling is accessible to all.
Prioritise cycling to schools with designated school streets.

For those at the head of the bike business, CI.N research has regularly shown that lack of safe cycling infrastructure is a major business issue. The majority of bike shops believe cycling conditions are a leading reason among its customers not to cycle and so not buy cycling goods such as cycle clothing.

More People in Wales Would Cycle with Safer Streets

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