New Yamaha PW-X3 Mid-Drive Motors

Yamaha has announced its Yamaha PW-X3 mid-drive system. It is smaller in overall size (20% than previous generations) and weight (2.75kg) making it 10% lighter than previous models

Power.   The PW-X3’s increased torque is around 85 Nm.

The External Crossover Battery 400 system is also lighter  compared to the previous generation’s battery packs. It  is easy to access and remove with a key, ideal where there’s no power supply in a garage. It comes complete with a carrying handle and at 2.8-kg easy to take to the nearest charging point. The Lithium-ion 410 Wh battery can be charged in approx. 3.5 hours.

The motor comes with a new control deck that gives wide compatibility and better consumer choice with brands like Sigma, Echowell and Garmin. The display unit gives riders smart features and easy to use. Featuring ANT+ connectivity, the Interface X is fully compatibility with third-party cycle computers such as SIGMA, Garmin and Echowell.

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