Northern Ireland finally make electric bikes legal.

From 13th May 2020, riders in Northern Ireland are no longer required to have licencing, insurance and registration to ride an e-bike.

Northern Ireland policy makers were accused of missing out on an electric bike revolution by not updating the law. A A Ms Mallon has been praised for bringing the new legislation to the Assembly. As she pitched the new legislation in Stormont before it was successfully passed, she said in her speech: “The main objectives of these regulations are to simplify  the legislative burden on those who wish to ride an e-bike, to promote cycling as a mode of transport that has health and environmental benefits,”

“There is an opportunity to build a better future and I believe we should seize it.”

In England, Scotland and Wales and Europe, electric bikes with a maximum assisted speed of 25km/h and 250 watts of power are legal to ride with no licence and insurance. A registration plate is needed to ride a pedal cycle with more power and speed than this in Britain.  In America more powerful e-bikes can be ridden without licence, with assisted speeds of 20mph/32km/h and 750 watt motors the norm and considered a ‘low speed electric bicycle’.