BikeParka Urban Bike Cover to Fit Most Bikes
Top quality bike covers for protection for all weathers with this cover. Just what the regular cyclist needs. It is light and able to be packed into the portable sac which easily fits to your bike frame. Velcro lock through slot panels can be pushed through to secure the cover with your cycle. The cover will fit a range of bikes with differing heights, handlebars and frames. It has an elasticated bottom fitting around the front wheel complete with toggle to adjust the overall size.

Fitting bike covers
Each BikeParka adjusts differently on each bicycle to encompass different sized frames, handlebars and seat heights. Start with the cover under the front wheel pulling it back over your bike. Then adjust the top toggle to take up extra slack. The logo needs to be by the front wheel.

The Stuff Sac
Hold a corner and start pushing the BikeParka inside the bag. Do not fold or it will have air pockets.

All BikeParkas have top UV protection. To clean treat it the same as a tent. Use a sponge with clean warm water and soap or mild detergent. If you damage your BikeParka it can simply be fixed using a tent repair kit.

Material: Polyester Ripstop with PU Coating
Fully Seam Sealed
Adjustable Toggle
Eyelets for A Lock
Lock Through Panel
Dimensions: Size 20cm x 12 cm
One Size for most bikes
Length: 220cm
Height: 140cm
Compatibility: Fits Handlebars up to 65cm
Weight: 0.4kg