Garmin VIRB X Action Camera

This Garmin VIRB X action camera shoots high-definition, wide-angle footage and lets you to overlay all your stats to show the intensity of the action. VIRB X is waterproof upto 50 meter deep with no case letting for brighter, clearer audio.

The  camera shoots rich, high-def, wide-angle footage at 1080p30, 12 megapixel photos up to 10 frames per sec, and captures more of your moving scenes. Designed for the toughest conditions, VIRB X can dive to 50 meter depths with no case, allowing videoing of cleaner and clearer audio. Powered by Garmin GPS, G-Metrix allows you to track and overlay how fast, far, high and how intense the moment is.

Top Features of the Garmin Action Camera

Video: 1080p/30fps; 960p/30fps; 720p/60fps; 480p/120 with zoom levels
G-Metrix: Built-in Garmin GPS and sensors track your movements in real-time and display it in gauges, graphs and more
Photo: 12 megapixels; shoot up to 10 frames per second; with time lapse
Audio: Exposed microphone for very clear audio and even underwater; wireless HD audio from Bluetooth enabled headsets or mics.
Waterproof up to 50 meters with no diving  case.

In the box

VIRB X camera
A rechargeable battery pack
Charging and data cable
Flat and curved adhesive mounts
Standard mount adapter
Long screw