Pinarello Selle Italia/Most Catopuma Saddle



Pinarello Selle Italia – Most Catopuma Saddle

Cycling on a comfortable saddle is a must for riders of all cycling areas unless you’re a downhill mountain biker, BMX or trials rider, it’s somewhere you will be on a lot of time.

Central grooves or cut-outs in bike saddles help to alleviate soft tissue pressure in the nether area for riders and can also assist in reducing the pressure on the perinea area for men or the pubic bone arch for women.

As with any saddle, it can take some time with trial and error to find a great recessed shape that siuts you as no two human bodies are the same.

This is a saddle specially designed for performance. The elegant design is united with the properties of carbon fibre to provide the perfect balance between comfort and lightweight construction.

Features of the Most Catopuma Saddle for Bikes

Weight: 168g
Rail: Carbon Ø7×9 mm
Dimensions: 131×275 mm
Category: High Performance

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