Review – AVE MH-E Cruiser Electric Bike, Powerful & Stylish

The AVE MH-E Cruiser is a retro, powerful and stylish commuter bike.

This is an electric bike from  the famous German designers, the AVE MH-E Cruiser Electric Bike is our only cruiser-style commuter electric bike. The brilliant styling combined with the best components makes this bike innovative and intelligent.

The designers have invested much time and energy into thinking bike shape and riding positions, enabling you to indulge on longer journeys. This  machine uses a BOSCH centre-drive crank-based motor system, giving variable assistance up to almost 16 mph. The motor is coupled with a high capacity BOSCH lithium ion battery giving it a good range of up to 80 miles.

Bosch 36v 8ah Lihtium Ion Battery

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