Silverfish Introduces New Cobber Bike Lights Range From Knog

Silverfish Presents New Cobber Light Range From Knog

Australian company  Knog has released a new Cobber range of bike lights which gives a full 360 degree light coverage, so that riders can be visible from all angles.

The Big Cobber light packs a whopping 470 lumens, with the range ending in 110 lumens in the Lil Cobber. The lights feature integrated USB recharging, and being 100% waterproof. You are also able  to custom program the lighting modes.

These bike lights can be used for both day and night cycling, the lights feature an eye saver mode, weighing 40g. This range holds three sizes in total, Lil, Mid and Big and fits both the standard and aero handlebars with three straps included in the package. The price  starts from around £44.99, with three straps included.

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