Tax Payer Funded E-Bikes

The UK Government is planning to subsidise electric bicycles for pensioners and commuters to increase the uptake of cycling in a new £2 billion anti-obesity drive. A subsidy of up to a third of the cost could be offered to encourage people to cycle more.

Boris Johnson launched the campaign and asked motorists to ‘be courteous’ towards cyclists. The Prime Minister informed motorists that they will be ‘sharing the roads’ as steps will be taken to promote both cycling and walking.

Cycling will also be prescribed by doctors for overweight patients and riders will be offered free cycle training and free £50 repair vouchers to get old bikes back in a fit state to ride.

Boris Johnson said: ‘What we will do is create thousands of miles of protected cycle lanes – I really believe that protected cycle lanes are essential to give people the confidence people need, many people aren’t very brave or confident cyclists.’

The new £2 billion scheme will also help create thousands of miles of new protected bike lanes.  It will also include the creation of Dutch type schemes which will prioritise  cycling and walking.