The GeoOrbital Electric Bike Wheel For Your Standard Bikes

The GeoOrbital wheel is like nothing that you have ever seen before. A radical re-invention of the wheel. Fit it on your bike and you’ll look like you come from another planet.

The Patented GeoOrbital wheel is a revolutionary self-powered electric bike wheel that can make any bike fully electric by simply replacing it’s standard wheels. The GeoOrbital wheel has converted thousands of manual bicycles into powerful and affordable electric vehicles.

Panasonic Battery

The latest Panasonic Lithium Ion Batteries (Li-Ion) – They feature high energy density, safe operation and a long-life


By fusing a custom alloy rim with a foam-filled rubber out-sole it creates an extremely durable tyre which will NEVER go flat.


It uses the highest quality USA-made metal components, for a far more robust product for a better riding experience.

Custom Motor

They have developed a motor which has up to 3 times more power while weighing less less than half of a typical eBike motor.

By far the easiest way to upgrade your regular bike to electric. The fitting requires no tools and takes 1 minute.

The GeoOrbital wheel comes in 3 styles to fit over 99% of all adult-sized bicycles. They have the wheel that will fit your bike, whatever the style or vintage.

The Patented GeoOrbital wheel represents the latest cutting-edge technology – developed by engineers from SpaceX and Ford.

Simply clip on the throttle and use it like a gas pedal – the more you press the faster you go. Each wheel has a built-in computer so no app required!

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