Uber Launches Jump E-Bikes in London

Uber has recently announced the pilot launch of its e-bike sharing service called JUMP in London.

There will be 350 bright red JUMP e-bikes available through the Uber app as part of the first pilot in Islington, and have plans to expand to other London areas in the upcoming months.

Londoners will be able to choose between a number of options on the app, including shared trips with UberPOOL, UberX, in-app public transport planning and now, JUMP e-bikes.

General Manager of JUMP, EMEA, Christian Freese, pointed out that they were excited to bring JUMP bikes to Islington, this being their first launch in London and with our electric bikes, we hope to entice more people to try an environmentally friendly travel alternative across the city.

The JUMP bikes have been designed for safety, they have a robust frame and are bright red that makes them visible to other vehicles on the road . The app explains features of the bike before you first use them so you can ride with confidence. They encourage everyone to think about wearing a helmet and obey all traffic laws.

The JUMP e-bikes have adjustable seats, a basket for personal items and a phone mount for users to show their route. They cost £1 to unlock and 12p per minute to use, but the first five minutes are totally free.

All of the bikes have GPS tracking and have built-in cable locks which must be locked at the  end of a trip to avoid cluttering and ensure they are properly parked. No parking zones will be clearly indicated on the app and will include stadiums, hospitals, royal parks, canals, and protected areas. Users will be sent a notification if they end a trip in a no park zone and fined £25 if they fail to relocate.

Uber, pointed out that there is now one more alternative transport  for the 3.5 million people who use the Uber app in the capital.Bringing in JUMP bikes will help make the cleaner air for the city, a cleaner place to live, and help London breathe better.

JUMP e-bikes are now available in cities across the globe including the USA and Canada, and have also recently launched in Brussels, Berlin, Paris  and Lisbon.

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