Win An E-Bike Of Your Choice

Win An E-Bike Of Your Choice – Free Entry

Ebikes are the fastest growing sector of the cycling world all across Europe with aboutalmost 1 million electric bikes sold in Germany in 2018 and possibly 100 million sales by 2030. In the UK there is a huge upsurge in sales and the riding of e-Bikes.

As riders, it is understand that e-Bike cyclists have specific needs and ways of riding their electric bikes. To make our insurance products competitive, price friendly and relevant to an e-Bike audience we need your help to collect as much  data as poss. If you are an e-Cyclist or have experience with e-Bikes, please take part do our survey,

This is an independent survey and competition run by Bikmo and not Savvy Cycling.

The image shown is simply a representation and not the actual prize.

Win An E-Bike Of Your Choice

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