Yamaha Launch Quietest Ever e-Bike Drive Unit and External Crossover 500Wh Battery

Yamaha launch “quietest” e-bike drive unit and new External Crossover 500Wh battery

Yamaha are moving up their presence in the e-bike world in 2021 with the launch of the new PWseries CE drive unit, and the powerful and practical External Crossover battery
They have introduced the new PWseries CE drive unit to their 2021 line-up, saying it’s their “lightest, quietest and most compact drive unit” to date. There’s also the new External Crossover 500 battery, for those who want plenty of range with the versatility of external downtube or seat tube mounting.

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Citing the recent bike boom during the Covid 19 pandemic, Yamaha say they are answering the needs of the public with their new 2021 gear, saying “Our society has seen significant transformation in urban mobility in the past few months. The bicycle is emerging as an obvious alternative to the crowded public transportation in big cities all over the world.”

Giving 50Nm of torque and the standard 250 watts of power, the PWseries CE has a weight of just 2.9kg, and Yamaha say the super compact size means e-bike manufacturers, who spec bikes around it, will be able to develop “next-generation” chassis with a sharper, cleaner profile.

It’s all centered on delivering a natural and enjoyable ride, with Yamaha taking measures to reduce weight, noise and Automatic Support Mode and a revamped Walk Assist function. The ASM is designed to cope with constantly changing terrain and  by automatically selecting the most appropriate support mode, also providing “strong and smooth support” from a dead start. If you want to to select the assist yourself, it can simply be deactivated. There are four manual support modes as well as the ASM feature.

While Yamaha also provide batteries for integrated solutions, sometimes external is more practical and faff-free… which is where the External Crossover 500 Battery  comes in. It has a simple lock-and-release system to make it easy to carry for charging or storage at home, and the design also allows for semi-integration on the bike frame. It weighs in at 2.9kg, and charging time about 4 hours.

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