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Black Friday at Amazon, 17th to 27th Nov. 2023. Get the deals and bargains.

What are the origins of the Black Friday sales day.

The origins of Black Friday as a shopping holiday are a bit involved and have evolved over time. The term “Black Friday”
has been used in different ways and its association with shopping can be traced back to the 20th century in the
USA. There are a few theories about its origins:

Philadelphia Police Department: One generally states the origin dates back to the early 1960s in Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania. According to this theory, the term “Black Friday” was used by the Philadelphia Police Department
to describe the chaos and congestion of traffic and masses of shoppers that occurred on the day after Thanksgiving.
It was a term for the negative aspects of the post-Thanksgiving shopping spree.

Retailers’ Account Books: Another theory suggests that “Black Friday” originated from retailers’ account books.
Businesses traditionally recorded losses in red ink and profits in black ink. The day after
Thanksgiving marked the time in the year when lots of retailers made a profit, shifting their account
from red to black, which was seen as a positive financial thing.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade: Some people link the term to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City.
The day after Thanksgiving was the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season, and Macy’s popular parade, which
drew large crowds to the department store’s location in Herald Square. This increased
foot traffic which contributed to the use of the term “Black Friday” to describe the busy shopping day.
Whichever of the above, Black Friday has become known for huge sales, discounts, and promo
events from retailers. Over time, it has turned into a major shopping holiday, with many stores opening
early and offering eyewatering deals to attract the shoppers. Recently it has also been extended
into an entire weekend, including Cyber Monday, with online retailers offering their own discounts and promos.
It’s a critical period for both buyers and sellars as it marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season in the USA and
now over in the UK.

Black Friday is the 24th November 2023
Cyber Monday is the 27th November 2023
The 4 days inbetween will also have many bargains.

Amazon Black Friday events begin on the 17th November 2023 through to 27th November 2023, 10 days of reduced prices on varied
and numerous products.

Amazon Black Friday deals include items from:
Samsung, Hisense, Shark vacuums, Ninja appliances, Oral B, Amazon Music, and many more.
Products range from tiolet rolls, smart phones, computers,  mattress toppers, pots and pans, collagen capsules, and much much more.

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