Government To Stop Funding Of Cycle Lanes

Government To Stop Funding Of Cycle Lanes that are just painted barriers.

infrastructure is needed.
Forgetting about the cost, a huge hurdle to eBike and standard bicycles is the problem with or danger to those who cycle on the UK’s roads from drivers who either do not see a risk to cyclists or those who just hate them being on the roads. The Government under “Theme 1” is a new plan that will stop funding the cost of the cycling route schemes for painted lines to show cycling lanes and the road symbols associated with them, this will also apply where cyclists and pedestrians have to use these designated areas together.

The local authorities who designate cyclists as a vehicle in their own class, and who build an actual barrier between motor vehicle users, cyclists and pedestrians will only get funding from the government if they implement and meet these conditions. These barriers could be a raised kerb to seperate motor vehicles from cyclists or some kind of simple barrier and at the same time this will bring the UK more in line with many other European countries who have already adopted such systems because cycle use in Europe is far more than in the UK.

Because cycling increased by 55% around Londons Blackfriars when cycling lanes were barriered from traffic the government are committing to finding towns and cities to install thousands of such schemes which may lead to grants to cover part or all of the costs.

Cargo bikes are becoming more and more popular with businesses especially for delivering goods during their “last mile”. Should cargo bikes be allowed in cycle lanes only or should they be confined to motoring lanes. As time is money they will no doubt be speeding along and taking chances in both types of lanes and possibly be the cause of accidents. Another facet to be looked into.

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