Shimano To Increase Efforts In Pursuit Of Counterfeit Sellers

Shimano to increase efforts in pursuit of counterfeit sellers

Shimano to Increase Efforts In Pursuit Of Counterfeit Sellers says it will become more proactive in safekeeping its intellectual properties. They know that there are products out there are counterfeit and have their branding and logo.

Shimano have said they will work with authorities in administrative and criminal investigations against Manufacturers of counterfeit products and the companies that distribute them. Civil lawsuits and warnings will be forthcoming against those manufacturers and distributors.

Shimano will also ask for products to be removed from websites that are selling counterfeit components. They will also issue warnings to retailers and end product consumers. In order to reduce the number of fake components, Shimano will introduce new and more difficult packaging to copy and also more difficult packaging materials to reproduce.

A new Shimano Product Authentication app is going to be developed to help in product verification. This will have a function to make a warning if a barcode is continually scanned.

On new packaging there will be a new double-layered QR Code, all with a unique serial number. No label will be the same as an outcome of this latest label technology.