Zooz Concept 01 defies the definition of an eBike

Zooz Bikes have just revealed a concept ebike that is very different from what we’ve seen before.

Long, low, unregisterable and without pedals, the Zooz Concept 01 is a minimalist one-off two-wheeler intended to stimulate ideas about what an electric bike  could be.

Though the result is an eye pleasing work of art, the construction and components are extremely simple — just a QS motor, Kelly controller, a small battery case with Samsung cells and a throttle. “Ultralight” is more than just a name, but a design language Zooz is working within.

Zooz has accompanied the reveal of this bike with a video that begs a second watch as it flies through the unique underground spaces of Chicago. The bike isn’t meant to be practical, comfortable or even saleable, the idea of having a quiett joy-ride while the city sleep makes all of that inconsequential.

Holding pragmatism — just for a sec. — brings refreshing new thoughts to a future of ultralight two-wheelers in spaces that might not even exist yet, riders who don’t even ride yet and vehicles that don’t yet exist. It’s the beginning of a dream for Zooz.